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Thank you for your interest in partying with us at Blazing Saddles!


Please read all of the sections below before submitting your deposit or final payment! 

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You are welcome to park directly in front of the party barn to unload decorations, foods, etc. and then your host will show you where to re-park your vehicle. 

We provide 15 minutes of set-up/decorating time. Please arrive 30 minutes before your event start time and we will get you in the barn as soon as we can! 

Your event host/hostess will help your guests park and find the barn while you set up! 



As we have grown - our on the teams are now run by groups of young adults and teen volunteers. 

Our older staff members have over 10 years of animal care and horse experience and are trained to make sure your guests are as safe as possible around live animals!

Remember, they are doing the best they can for being under a lot of pressure! Ask them questions, treat them as you would hope your children would be treated at their first job and keep in mind - they are human too. 

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Every person attending the event must read through and sign the following waiver! 

One Family = One Waiver 

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Deposit & Final Payment Options

We require a $150 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot! You can book your spot and pay your deposit by clicking the button below!

Why is this non-refundable?: This transaction is simply you paying to hold your spot - whether you keep this spot, decide not to, have rainy weather during your event, etc. this initial transaction only covers the cost of holding this spot. 

How do I pay the remaining balance?: 

1. We accept online payment below! Simple, easy and safe. $50 Late Fee is added to your total if you pay online any later than 7 days prior to you party date. 

2. Check received and deposited TWO WEEKS (14 days) prior to your event! 

3. Cash immediately upon arrival - it is best to count your cash beforehand, put inside of an envelope and hand it to your event host first thing! 


Pony rides are reserved for children 12 and under ONLY - no exceptions! 

Parents must assist their child on the pony and walk beside them during the ride. 

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